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Through this web page, You have a free pass to the real spoken venet language.
This is the on-line free edition (limited to about 37,000 records, updated March, 2007) of our venetian dictionary. See the link "Work in progress" to be up to date with our work. For Venets all over the world searching for the linguistic roots of their forefathers, for professional linguists, for venetian language students and for tourists planning a trip to the Venices. Contact us in seconds through the Messenger

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Par venetòfoni / For Venetian-Venet speakers :
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Note: intro pages are written (when not translated) in "mainland venetian" language, with the venetian unitarian graphical system, and accented by following the rules you can find on the "how-to-read" page.
Nòda: ƚe pàxine de introdusion ƚe xé scrite in venesian de tèra-ferma oriental, in grafìa e acentàe conforme el manual de grafìa vèneta unidaria.

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