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Xé in corso el trasferimento de racuanti documenti da archivi precedenti, el "Vèneto Arkivio" e mijère de files memorixài in local da i autori de el Galepin. Purmasa ƚa xé na fatura che ƚa pòrta via tanto tenpo a i voƚontari che i laora so ste pàxine.
Gramarsè par ƚa pasensia.

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El Galepin Premium

A work of art professionally framed - Sample images


Collectible plaques with el Galepin's(TM) original illustrations and dictionary details are ONLY available on, or through our authorized dealers (view the product page here).

Images in this page are downscaled (even the first one!). Originals are 4X5ov to 7X10ov in high quality, UV resistant material.


Choose your localized version, or opt for synonims on the same plaque.


Into the pages with Galepin's original drawings you will see this logo. Click if you want to order one or more of these subjects.

or send a particular request through the web messenger you find on top of this page.
More and more subjects available!


1ov (venetian inch) = 2.9mm = 1⅛''



"el Galepin"- Venetian - English - Italian
Venetian language - ID: vec - Code 639-3
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